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            Welcome to Moringa! 
Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this circle was named for the spicy Moringa (horseradish) tree, which personifies this diverse, dynamic group devoted to all aspects of gardening.  We highly believe in learning while having fun, and our members and meetings prove that great plants, great people, and great food lead to knowledge and fun in the garden. 
  • We are devoted to South Florida gardeners, both expert and novice, who are interested in learning more about the plants and critters outside their front door.  Want to know what is in bloom this month?  Looking for more fun in your garden?  Don't know when to fertilize?   Join us and we will help you!
  • Moringa members are always learning or doing something fun and exciting. Our monthly programs always include a horticulture lesson, bird/butterfly/critter lesson, and fabulous, knowledgeable speakers or terrific hands-on projects. Sound interesting? Join us and have FUN!
  • Meet our President and read about her goals for Moringa this year on our President's Welcome  page.
  • Just moved down and don't know what that plant is?  Driving in your neighborhood and you saw a tree in bloom but don't know what it was?  Join us and find out!
  • Need help?  Have a question for us?  Like to attend a meeting, program or function?  Contact us!

  • Download a copy of our Brochure designed by member Bonny Cole.

Visit:, where you can find information on various types of flowers, learn about the meanings of flowers, and view galleries of pictures of flowers.

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Member of The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs

Member of District XI

Member of the Deep South Garden Clubs

Member of National Council of State Garden Clubs

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