Fort Lauderdale Garden Club Flower Show presents...
Give our regards to Broadway
"Give our Regards To Broadway"
March 17th & 18th
all photos courtesy of Barbara Richie, Moringa's Photographer

Moringa and Cordia both had 100% participation. 
Moringa received 31 blue, 14 red, 14 yellow, 4 white, and 4 judged.

Betty Ann Zeiher won Bayberry Silver, Designer's Choice, and the Arboreal Award (the last 2 are national awards)
Local award winners:  ME DePalma - Member at Large Silver, Starr Fisher - Acacia Silver, Janice Stencil - Cordia Silver,
Hadny Fayyaz - Dorthy Kitchell Silver, Rose Butman - Moringa Silver, Aliean Roberts - Ruth Patton Silver

National award winners:  Aliean Roberts - Award of Merit.
M.E. DePalma's Design
M.E. DePalma's Design
New York - New York
"Making a brand new start of it..."
Phantom of the Opera
Betty Ann  Zeiher's
Phantom of the Opera
design by Kris Blake
Design by Kris Blake

aillean roberts
Aillean Roberts and her Crown of Thorns
Betty Ann Zeiher
Betty Ann Zeiher gathers her awards
 from, Flower Show Chairman, Jane Huckins
Sharon Bogard
Sharon Bogard with her Kalanchoe Thrysifolia

Rose Butman's plant
Rose Butman's Begonia
betty ann zeiher design 2
Betty Ann's Design
barnacle with air plants
Barnacle with Air plants

Bromeliads from Maureen Frazel and Karen Dougherty
Blue Ribbon Bromeliads from Maureen Frazel
and Karen Dougherty
Hibiscus "Burnished Gold"
Hadny's blue ribbon rose -
Hadny's Blue Ribbon "Hot Cocoa" Rose

Jan Bullard's orchid
Jan Bullard's PaphilopedilumOrchid
jo williams petite
Jo William's petite close up
Jo William's Petite "Emerald City" close up

Janice Stencel's plant
Janice Stencel with her plant
janice Stencel blue ribbon winner
Janice Stencel's blue ribbon peperomia

Rose Butmans bromeliad
Rose Butman's Bromeliad
Sandy Diehl and Hadney Fayyaz
Sandy Diehl and Hadny Fayyaz
Sandy Diehl blue ribbon plant
Sandy Diehls Blue Ribbon winner

Sandy Diehl's blue ribbon plant
Sandy Diehl's orchid
frazel bromeliad
Maureen Frazel's Bromeliad
Crown of Thorns cutting from Aillean Roberts

Butman bromeliad
Rose Butman's Bromeliad
fisher orchid
Starr Fisher's Orchid

Jo Wlliams Award
Jo Williams with her award