Moringa Plays in the Mud

Moringa members got together to create their own special identity pin.
The designers at Lovers Dynamic Ceramics,  carved  the mold and created the greenware.

Moringa members gathered to clean the greenware prior to painting.

Cleaning Team I (L-R) 
Bonnie, Joan, Pat , Barbi, Sharon, Karen,  M.E.
Cleaning Team II (L-R) 
Hadney, Mary Sue,Bonnie, Pat , Barbi, Karen, 

Once the greenware is painted and fired.  The pins will be fitted with powerful magnets so you will be able to attach them to your garments without having to puncture holes into your designer duds.

Watch the progress as the talented cleaners and painters prepare these "collectable" treasures.

Available ONLY to members of MORINGA!

Pouring the Mold
Moringa Mud before cleaning

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Our Fired Masterpieces!

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