Moringa Garden Circle 

Special Events

Throughout the years Moringa has sponsored garden tours and teas as well as other special events.  We invite you to join us at this years events.

Earth-Arbor Day

Just want to say thanks, thanks, thanks! We had a very nice intimate gathering of Happyland children and a few visiting grandchildren enjoy Earth - Arbor Day today.

M. E. DePalma put the invitation on the Moringa website before she left town for the Flower Show and Convention. M.E. made sure her husband Jerry came and wore his caterpillar antenna he was a fat caterpillar and was going to make a cocoon and turn into a butterfly. The kids thought he was great.
Happyland's Miss Ashley released butterflies and we watched them fly away in our clean air. Mrs. Adam's Kindergarten sang "The Green Grass Grew All Around". Miss Joyce did props to my favorite song by Louis Armstrong, "Oh What A Wonderful World". Ms. Cole's class (that's me) read and showed their books on creation and told everyone that God made the earth and we must take care of it. There were examples of things to recycle also. Darling Ann Berkowitz did her baking and we had 100's of cookies for everyone.

The best part was the lady bug release because every single child was able to hold a few bugs before they flew away (for their lives).

I think one or two bugs went home in pockets. Everyone had a wonderful time.

  • Thank you Happyland for allowing me to share my favorite lesson plan and love of life with our future ecologists.
  • Thank you to my Dad for starting the Miller Foundation so I could fund my Project.
  • Thank you to my Mom for getting me into Garden Club and for teaching me the love of the earth.
  • Thank you God for letting me see life and soul in every living thing. Including pretty ladybugs.
  • Thank you Rose, Joan Auletta, Pam, teachers, Sharon, parents and Forrest and my brother Tom for being there

    Mary Sue broke her foot and couldn't come and thank you to all the sent me a note of encouragement.


Our Annual Field Trip
Jennifer’s Wild Adventure Tours

takes you to Japan, Orchid Fantasy Island, and back to reality again!

Take the Tour Via Jennifer's Pictures 7 pages of images click to enlarge

May  - Table Designs at the Installation of 2005 Officers at the home of Rose Bechard Butman

Moringa's Community Projects

Moringa Garden Circle has worked with Sally Cash, Activities Director for Independence Hall to establish a garden club for the residents. M.E. DePalma, a member of Moringa and the Wilton Manors NatureScape Board has given presentations to the members on birds and butterflies simulating residents to establish a garden in their courtyard Residents( L to R) Peggy Spiwak, Lena Surprenant, along with activities director, Sally Cash planted milkweed, pentas, firebush, porterweed, salvias and passionvine, which are all bird and butterfly attractors. "As soon as we planted the milkweed there was a monarch," said Peggy amazed at how fast it found the plant. "Our residents love to sit in the gazebo and watch the squirrels scamper around the oaks and the birds sing in the trees, said Sally. Now, she continued, "they will have colored butterflies to enjoy".

Softscapes Youth Gardeners Installing Butterfly Garden For Elementary School Kids

The Annie Beck Tree in all her Golden Glory!
Rose Butman Returned to the site on May 2005 to photograph the tree along with the L. Thomas Chancey, who has monitored the progress of the tree from it's original move to its present state.  Read the story

EVENTS 2003-2004

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