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The Members of the Moringa Garden Club plant memorial trees honoring the lives of deceased members and members of their family that are no longer with us. 

As they grow, these trees will sustain and shelter other lives and remain a living symbol of our love and admiration.

Over the years a number of trees have been planted througout the county.  We invite you to vist these locations and encourage your contributions to the Memorial Tree Fund.    

Because familes often suggest a donation be made to this project when their loved one passes we are providing the following information:

If you would like to donate, please make checks payable to Moringa Garden Circle
and send them to our treasurer: Barbara Richie, 7826 Beechfern Circle, Tamarac, FL 33321

Checks without a designated tree, go into the general Tree Fund. If you would like your donation to go to a tree for a specfic person, then please indicate so on your check.

Our trees are planted in prominent locations and promote our club's mission to stimulate the love of gardening in our members and the public.

Special Note*
We have received many requests from people who visit this page and ask us to plant a tree for someone they loved. We are sorry to have to tell them that we do not do plantings or maintenance for the general public.

However, we would like to inform those those who have wanted to honor friends in this manner
that you can do that through the Arbor Day Foundation. They plant a tree in one of our National Forests.

As grand as they are, our national Forests are in desperate need of replanting because of recent unprecedented fires. Every dollar donated plants a tree.

They also have a special page where they allow you create your own card in honor of someone's celebration or in their memory. You can print the card you create yourself or they will send your creation to the recipient that you select.

The cards are lovely.

We hope this helps you.

The Members of the Moringa Garden Circle


Due to the Corona-19 Virus

Arbor Day 2020 was not the same Celebration as we have had in previous years.

However, Rose Butman arranged for 4 trees honoring our members be installed in Snyder Park on Monday, March 11th.
Here are the photos featuring the Wild Tamarind, Ironwood and 2 Moringa Trees being planted.. Another Moringa was added later to Synder Park to be near the other 2 Moringa members to honor Cindy Reiger.

As Rose stated, "Yeah! Rain coming later in this week should be nice for them."

Wild Tamarind for Phyliss Bogard
Sharon Bogard* Mother-in- Law
Ironwood for Paul E. Bechard
Rose Béchard Butman's* Father

Moringa oleifera for Pat Breslin Miller*
Bonny Cole's* Mother

Moringa oleifera for Evelyn Zink* Moringa oleifera for Cindy Reiger* An Inkwood tree-Phytolacca octandraplanted in Heritage Park
for Aileen Roberts

The City of Fort Lauderdale celebrated the 40th Anniversary as a "Tree City USA" along with the Moringa Garden Circle/Fort Lauderdale Garden Club. A Bridal Veil and Fiddlewood tree were also planted in memory of Maureen Frazel, Moringa Member and Marjorie Severns, grandmother of member Allison Mackel. Both families had trees planted for their deceased family member and stayed to help plant 40 Cypress Celebrating Arbor Day.
Members, Volunteers and our President Bonny Cole helping with the planting

Allison Mackel with her daughter, Ava. .......Maureen's son Dennis Frazel with his son Dirk

David Mackel with Alea

Three native Fiddlewood trees - Citharexylum spinosum were planted in memory of Jason J. Spiro, the son of member Rose Béchard Butman, at Markham Park on February 22, 2019. The remainder of the monies donated in his honor will be used to add additional trees. Working in tandem with the Sierra Club to create a native demonstration garden adjacent to the butterfly garden at Markham Park.
If you go to view the trees, they are located across from Barkham Dog Park

The birds were so happy they were eating the berries before the trees were even off the truck.

The Stencil and Botek families

A native Satinleaf - Chrysophyllum oliviforme was planted forJoanne Scott, Mother of Janice Stencil A Bulnesia arborea was planted for Thor Amile, Father of Kari Botek

The tree dedicated to Rose Béchard Butman's Mother is called Cananga odorata, commonly called ylang-ylang ( EE-lang-EE-lang), cananga tree, ilang-ilang, kenanga in Indonesian, fragrant cananga, Macassar-oil plant or perfume tree,[Chanel #5] is a tropical tree which originates from the Philippines and is valued for its perfume. The essential oil derived from the flowers is used in aromatherapy. — It has been planted at Lighthouse of Broward County.


Moringa Garden Circle & The Fort Lauderdale Garden Club's Dedication of Memorial Trees for
David McLean; Horticulturist, FLGC Honorary Member, And Arthur "Skip" Mackey, "The Voice of N.A.S.A,"
planted at Hortt Park, 1700 SW 14th Court, Shady Banks, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, November 15th, at 10:30 A.M.

The Moringa Oleifera trees and botanical signage were provided through donations to the Moringa Garden Circle Memorial Tree Fund by members of Moringa Garden Circle, The Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, the Lighthouse of Broward, Sylvia Gordon's Nursery, and Friends and Family of David and Skip.

The Moringa tree is native to India and commonly known as the Horse Radish Tree because of its pungent edible root. Virtually every part of the tree is edible and possesses numerous nutritional benefits.

Those who knew David knew he was a "spicey" guy, so we feel the Moringa tree was an appropriate choice for him. David was a long time supporter of the garden club. He helped develop the Lighthouse of Broward Sensory Garden which is maintained by the garden club. Skip was known as "The Voice of N.A.S.A" for 40 years. He was married to Moringa member M.E. DePalma-Mackey and often accompanied her as Caterpillar Man to her Butterfly Lady at Arbor Day events to the delight of children and adults.Both men were friends and dear to us. We look forward to dedicating these trees as living memorials to them. Rose Béchard Butman; Memorial Tree Chair, Moringa Garden Circle
Civic Improvement and Community Education Chair, Fort Lauderdale Garden Club

Read the Dedication presented by Rose - Download it in Pdf Format


The dedication of the memorial trees for Robert Haehle; FLGC Honorary Member, Horticultural Consultant and Author took place at the new south entrance of the Bonnet House on Saturday, July 26th, 2014.

The Delonix regia, Royal Poinciana and the Radermachera elmeri, Philippine Trumpet Tree were planted and botanical signage provided through donations to the Moringa Garden Circle Memorial Tree Fund by members of Moringa Garden Circle, The Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, and Friends and Family of Bob.

Delonix regia - Royal Poinciana

Radermachera elmeri - Philippine Trumpet

Rose Béchard Butman co-ordinated and moderated the event with the support of members who helped prepare glass of Champagne and Orange Juice decorated with Star Fruit which were shared with family and fans of Bob.

Rose led the toast. and we sent off kisses laced with champagne. Bob would have been so pleased. He always loved a party!

And...It appeared as if Bob responded with a THUNDEROUS voice because within 20 minutes after the toast, the sky opened up and watered everything!

Antique Roses

Evelyn Zink's husband Tom was honored on February 26, 2013 with new roses planted in his memory.

Moringa gals gathered at the Stranahan House, where Evelyn has maintained the rose garden for many years to sip champagne and toast this lovely lady and her late husband.

The soil was enriched and several varities of roses were planted to create the new Rose Garden.

Crape Myrtle

Lois Udvardy with Cathy's husband

Jo Williams

On Arbor Day, Friday, January18, 2013, the Moringa Garden Club planted two matching standard specimen
Crape Myrtles ( Lagerstroemia x fauriei "Tuskegee" )
trees in memory of our dear departed friends, Edgar Williams, and Cathy Clapp.

The trees were planted in Shady Banks at the new Hort School Park 1700 SW 14th Court, Fort Lauderdale.

The 12-14 foot trees are located in a prominent location at the entrance to the building.

The photo on the right was taken 8 months later in September of 2013 by member Hadny Fayyaz.

Cassia bakeriana
- Dwarf Apple Blossom Tree

Dwarf Apple Blossom Tree, Pink Cassia, Pink Shower Cassia, Wishing-tree. A small compact tree with impressive delicate pink flowers, attracting bees and butterflies.

Perfect choice for small yards and patios. 

Planted in memory of Bob Roberts the husband of Alliean.

miller  - Bald Cypress Tree

On February 22, 2011, Moringa planted a Bald Cypress - Taxodium distichum- tree in Wilton Manors at Hagen Park in memory of William Miller Jr., Bonny Miller Cole's father.

Bill was a true Fort Lauderdale Pioneer. As attorney for the Village of Wilton Manors, Bill carried the Charter to Tallahassee that made the Village into a city, and continued as the City Attorney for 30 years.

As President of the Miller Foundation, Bill was generous with funds to support our garden club efforts

In the May / June 2016 issue of the Town Crier, Benjamin Little of the Wilton Manors Historical Society, wrote an article on Mr. Miller and his many contributions to the formation of the city. You can read a copy of the article by clicking on this link: Town Crier/Bill Miller

Marty Martindale's tree

Moringa planted a Jacaranda mimosifolia in George English Park in memory of Marty Martindale, Jean's husband.

Marty's tree is in the foreground
Eben's tree is across the walk right behind it

The canopies will eventually grow together over the walkway!

A fitting tribute to the men who were also great  friends.

jacaranda tree
Eben Reiger Tree

Moringa Members joined Cindy Reiger and her daughters Kris Blake and Gretchen Reiger at George English Park on June
30th for the Memorial planting of the tree in honor of Eben Reiger.

The 20 foot Jacaranda
mimosifolia tree was planted next to the boat ramp - a fitting place to honor the man who so loved the water!

Special thanks goes to Gene Dempsey with the Urban Forester Parks and Recreation Department City of Fort Lauderdale and his wonderful great crew who planted the tree for us.

manor pines tree planting memorial trees for Jerold Ford and Lilian Stetz

The residents of Manor Pines lined the courtyard as they watched Moringa Garden Circle members dig the hole for a memorial tree planted in memory of Jerold R. Ford, M.E. DePalma's husband, who died April 1, 2008.  
Each member took turns with the shovel under the direction of nurseryman, Jesse Durko.  Robert Haehle, selected the rarely seen Radermachera 'Kunming' - Dwarf Tree Jasmine for its drought tolerance and fragrance.
Radermachea 'Kunming" - Dwarf Tree JasmineThis shrub/small tree from South East Asia is very easy to grow and it is an excellent bloomer”, said Haehle.  Radermachera doesn't take a lot of space compared with plants of the same height and can be grown in full sun to filtered light with average water and fertilizer.Margie Perez, Activities Director for Manor Pines, remarked how many residents and visitors enjoy being in the garden with its lush plantings and central fountain feature.  “They already like this tree”, she stated as she and several of the nurses passed sweet fragrant clusters of the light pink flowers with orange throats among the crowd.

Aloysia virigata - Sweet almond Verbena
The club also planted the Butterfly attracting, Aloysia virgata -Sweet Almond Verbena, in memory of Lillian D. Stetz , M.E. DePalma’s  mother, who passed away in January of 2008.  Few shrubs sweeten the air of a warm summer evening like the sweetly fragrant spikes of white blooms on this shrub



* = Moringa Member

Gerri Slowinski* 197? Heritage Park Plantation  
Lois Falck*
Diane Scully's* Mother
1980 Annie Beck Park Geiger

Clifton Schandelmayer
(Ann’s Husband)

1981 Plantation Library Moringa oleifera
Page Humphries*
1984 Annie Beck Park  
Jean Martindale's* Father
Annie Beck Park Jacaranda mimosifolia
Margaret H. Anderson* 2007 George English Park Magnolia
Lillian D Stetz
ME DePalma's* Mother
2008 Manor Pines - Wilton Manors

Aloysia virgata -Sweet Almond Verbena

Jerold R Ford
M.E. DePalma's* Husband
2008 Manor Pines - Wilton Manors Radermachera 'Kunming' -Dwarf Tree Jasmine

Eben Reiger
Cindy Reiger's* Husband
Kristine Blake's* Father
Gretchen Reiger* Father

2008 George English Park Jacaranda mimosifolia
Marty Martindale
Jean Martindale's* Husband

2010 George English Park
Jacaranda mimosifolia
Bob Roberts
 Alliean Robert's* Husband
2010 Plantation Botanical Garden
Dwarf Apple Blossom Tree - Cassia bakeriana
William MillerJr
Bonny Cole's* Father
Pat Miller*
2010 Hagen Park  - Wilton Manors Bald Cypress - Taxodium distichum
Edgar Williams
Jo Williams* Husband
2013 Hort School Park Crape Myrtle - Lagerstroemia x fauriei "Tuskegee"

Cathy Clapp*
Lois Udvardy's* Sister

Hort School Park Crape Myrtle - Lagerstroemia x fauriei "Tuskegee"

Tom Zink*
Evelyn Zink's* Husband

2013 Stranahan House Rose Garden
Robert Haehle 2014 Bonnet House Royal Poinciana - Delonix regia
Philippine Trumpet - Radermachera elmeri
David McLean 2014 Hort School Park Moringa oleifera
Arthur J. "Skip" Mackey Jr.
M.E. DePalma's* Husband
2014 Hort School Park

Moringa oleifera

Rose Béchard
Rose Béchard Butman's Mother
2014 Lighthouse of Broward County Cananga odorata, - commonly called ylang-ylang ( EE-lang-EE-lang)
Gene Dempsey
2017 Hort School Park Live Oak - Quercus virginiana
Betty Ann Zeiher * 2017 Hort School Park

Geiger - Cordia sebestena

Pat Hiaasen * 2017 Hort School Park Geiger - Cordia sebestena
Lillian Moore 2017 Hort School Park

Geiger - Cordia sebestena

Joanne Scott
Janice Stencil's* Mother
2018 Snyder Park Satinleaf - Chrysophyllum oliviforme
Thor Amile
Kari Botek's *Father
2018 Snyder Park Bulnesia arborea
Jason J. Spiro ( Béchard )
Rose Béchard Butman's* Son
2018 Markham Park Fiddlewood- Citharexylum spinosum
Maureen Frazel * 2019 Snyder Park Fiddlewood- Citharexylum spinosum
Marjorie Severns
Allison Mackel's* Grandmother
2019 Snyder Park Bridal Veil
Aileen Roberts* 2020 Hertitage Park Inkwood - Phytolacca octandra

Pat Breslin Miller*
Bonny Cole's* Mother

2020 Snyder Park Moringa oleifera
Evelyn Zink* 2020 Snyder Park Moringa oleifera
Phyliss Bogard
Sharon Bogard* Mother-in- Law
2020 Snyder Park Wild Tamarind
Paul E. Bechard
Rose Béchard Butman's* Father
2020 Snyder Park Ironwood
Cindy Reiger*
Kristine Blake's* Father
Gretchen Reiger* Father
2020 Snyder Park Moringa oleifera

Our club member, Rose Béchard Butman, is an arborist and finds these special trees for us.