Bonny Miller Cole



Dear Moringa Circle Members and guests visiting our website,


Our history is long and rich in the Fort Lauderdale community, with many second-generation members following in their Mom's footsteps!

Peruse our website to see for yourself the many exciting things that we do for our community. We are a 501 (c) (3) and part of the Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, Inc.

You may join us at our monthly meetings and see firsthand the friendship and fun we share while showing others the amazing merits of gardening and caring for our environment.

Please email me so I can let you know the location.

I am truly honored to lead this special group that we call Moringa!

Bonny Miller Cole, President

If you have any questions or would like to join us or our mother club the Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, please feel free to email me at bonnyinfl@gmail.com

If you have any questions or would like to join us or our mother club the Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, please feel free to email me at President@MoringaGardenCircle.org

Moringa Garden Circle of the Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, Inc.
2017-2018 Year End Report

You may not see the Moringa Members often in the clubhouse but that's because we are busy winning awards and doing service all over the county and Fort Lauderdale.

Sharon Board received the Emerald Award from Broward County.

We've Fund Raised and sent Youth Gardeners to camp.

We received a FLGC Award for Participation in the Standard Flower Show. Many of us won wonderful ribbons for our entries.

We received a Deep South Award for planting the most trees.
And FFGC Award for our Efforts in Replanting and Beautifying Florida.

We received a FFGC Award for our part in Arbor Day with the city officials in attendance. We won $25.00

Hadny Fayyaz donated to the new Bench at the Garden Center

Bonny Cole donated the flowering plants in the front of the Garden Center

Barbara Richie donated Ground coverings such as rocks to the Center's Garden

Karen Dougherty donated and is still donating Bromeliads to the Center's botanical garden.

Diane Scully has been registrar of the Youth Campers for years and is a judge for the contests for youth.

Rose Butman Chairs Civic Improvement which includes, Arbor Day and the Sensory garden for FLGC

We donate through Dyna Serve 300 plants to the Youth Program.

We donate 200 tree seedlings a year through the state for FLGC to give to Birch Park as part of the lease Agreement.

We care for and plant gardens at the Stranahan House

Starr Fisher serves on the FFGC board, past President of FLGC

Cindy Rieger Chairs Design and has done demonstrations all over the state for Design. Cindy is also the Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl Chairman for FFGC.

Gretchen Rieger is District XI membership Chairman.

Diane Scully is FLGC Awards Chair for all circles and members.

Bonny Cole is FLGC By-Law Chair, past Treasurer, past Vice President and current Corresponding Secretary.

Hadny Fayyaz is FLGC Field Trip Chair and gets the bus that takes the kids to camp.

Melissa Weekly our newest member and Kari Botek along with Bonny and all of
Moringa are supporting and leading the Best Friends Forever (BFF) Intermediate Youth Gardening Group all year.

Many of us volunteer for clerks for Flower Show, Hostesses for Secret Garden Tour and Flower Show.

M.E. DePalma helped set up the websites throughout the Garden Club Organization.

Ann Schandelmeyer, Historian and has done just about everything else too.

Pat Miller our Charter Member, Alliean Roberts, Evelyn Zink and Ann Schandelmeyer are in their NINETIES and still actively volunteering and attending MANY events!!

We have 2nd Generation Members Cindy and Gretchen - Pat and Bonny - Lois and Diane - Starr and Jennifer and at one point we had a 3rd generation member until she moved Kris Cole with Pat and Bonny

I could go on and on and I'm sure I've missed someone.

Our History is rich with projects for the hospitals with posters and booklets of Dangerous plants and snakes.

The first Garden tour that FLGC now uses Moringa set up.

While Treasurer we applied for and receiving the 503b tax status for FLGC.
With Nan Knox we wrote the first rules and implemented the Little Youth Gardeners at Happyland School.
We have tromped through the Everglades to list the species of endangered plants.

Jo Williams past president of FLGC and state officer, Hospice House Chair and many more.

And husband Attorney O, Edgar Williams and Starr Fisher worked and got the current Lease agreement with the State for our Clubhouse.

And oh so much more.

So, you may not see our faces around the Clubhouse but we are proudly doing plenty in the name of The Moringa Garden Circle of Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, Inc.

Respectfully and Proudly submitted and approved by the Moringa Membership,

Bonny Miller Cole,
2017- 2019 President